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Job Loss Recovery


“Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight” – Japanese proverb

Job loss can be devastating and leave individuals experiencing many different emotions including anxiety, grief, fear, shame/stigma association, numbness, and anger which can interfere with getting a new job, personal and work related relationships, self-confidence, and overall attitude.

At Drapkin Goodwin we use a guided visualization system called The Job Loss Recovery Program.®   In a clinical study using exiting, newly unemployed employees results indicated that 62% of the controlled study group landed new jobs within two months compared to just 12% in the placebo control group.

The Job Loss Recovery Program®  certified coaches provide resolution about previous job feelings of anger or grief while easing you towards your next endeavor.  Within a few sessions of using the guided visualization techniques, individuals expressed feeling more relaxed and comfortable with their anxieties or fears, and with better understanding and control in how they would present themselves in an interview or networking situation.

The Job Loss Recovery Program® is conducted over six sessions either individually or in a group setting. Benefits include:

·         Gain Confidence ·         Achieve Positive Attitude
·         Increased Self-Esteem ·         Improved Interview Performance
·         Diminish Job Loss Related Feelings ·         Land a job more quickly


Please call 512-590-2545; 512-744-7472 or email [email protected] for more information.